About CIMNet


Welcome to CIMNet, the Communication Network of the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM).
The goal of this network is to foster the exchange of relevant and timely information on CIM’s main areas of work: human rights, democracy, development and security.

In this context, we are circulating via email data, publications, articles, events and other news on these topics to over 900 members including women’s organizations, Inter-American and International institutions, academia, thinks tanks, and media contacts.

We also encourage you to share your information with this Network, which includes the governmental authorities responsible for women’s and gender issues in the countries of the hemisphere.

If you would like to be part of this network and join our mailing list fill out this form http://goo.gl/V7qUeZ. You can also email us at cim@oas.org

For more information, visit CIM on the Web at http://www.oas.org/cim

One response to “About CIMNet”

  1. Ruth Peñafiel says :

    Me interesa ser parte integrante de la red. Porque now permitira aunar esfuerzos organuzativos que nos permita efectivizar Los derechos de Las mujeres indigenas de la Amazonia ecuatoriana. La red de liderezas de Las nacionalidades d amazonia Norte requerimos de information Para atender la problematic de fronters q afecta a mujeres indigenas y familias. Su apoto tecnico. Financiero y de asesoramiento nos permitira conocer buenas practicas y seguimiento a empoderamientos y de realizar aported Para implementat politicas public as en soberania alimentaria y empideramiento de derechos a traces del dialogue y participation ciudadana x Una Buena gobernanza con equidad e inclusion

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