Womanish ways


In honour of International Women’s Day 2014, the Permanent Mission of Canada to the Organization of American States (OAS), the Permanent Mission of The Bahamas to the OAS, and the Inter-American Commission on Women co-sponsored a screening of Marion Bethel’s “Womanish Ways” on Tuesday night, March 11, 2014, in the theatre of the Embassy of Canada, 501 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

The documentary narrates the story of the Suffrage Movement in The Bahamas, with special attention to the five women who founded and/or led the movement: Mary Ingraham, Mabel Walker, Eugenia Lockhart, Georgiana Symonette and Dame Dr. Doris Johnson; the voices of the women who stood shoulder to shoulder with the leaders, and the men who supported women’s right to vote in the halls of Parliament

The audience was impressed by the vision, spirit, creativity and work of women in The Bahamas who struggled through the eras for the freedom and enfranchisement of all Bahamians.

The screening of the documentary provided a unique opportunity to reflect on what has been accomplished and encourage women and men to overcome the obstacles that remain for the full enjoyment of women’s rights.


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